Tuesday 1 November 2016

Slashtober 31 day Slashtacular...

Over October I thought I'd hace a little fun and watched a slasher movie a day. every day I had another person select the film of their choice from collection. It was great fun and I'd recommend it to anyone.

I was pretty regid in my rules of what ever got picked I HAD to watch. This led to me watching a few I probably never would have watched again and actually really made me appreciate hem much more.

It's statistics time people...


31 Slasher movies over 31 days

9 different people chose the films
8 were men
2 were women

1. Sorority House Massacre - 1986
2. The Collector - 2009
3. The Collection - 2012
4. Girls Gone Dead - 2012
5. Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh - 1991
6. The Burning - 1981
7. Stitches - 2012
8. Triangle - 2009
9. You Can't Kill Stephen King - 2012
10. Suspiria - 1977
11. Drive-In Massacre - 1976
12. Midnight Meat Train - 2008
13. Candyman  - 1992
14. The Prowler - 1981
15. Peeping Tom  - 1960
16. Dream Home - 2010
17. Bloody Mary 3D - 2011
18. Grizzly Park - 2008
19. Hatchet - 2006
20. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil - 2010
21. The Bloodstained Shadow  - 1978
22. The Toolbox Murders - 1978
23. Madison County - 2011
24. Child's Play 2  - 1990
25. Seed of Chucky - 2004
26. The Ward - 2010
27. D-Tox - 2002
28. Lost After Dark  - 2015
29. See No Evil  - 2006
30. Blood Runs Cold - 2011
31. Friday the 13th part 2 - 1981

1 film from the 1960's
4 films from 1970's
4 films from 1980's
3 films from 1990's
8 films from 2000's
11 films from 2010's

2012 was the year that the most slasher films came from of any one year, which totalled 4.

2010, 2011 and 1981 were runners up with 3 slasher films each

The most films from any 5 year period was easily the 14 that came from between 2008 and 2012

2765 minutes was the total number of time spent watching slasher films over 31 days.

Which is just over 46 hours or nearly 2 full days.

109 minutes was the longest slasher movie, The Bloodstained Shadow aka Solamante Nero.

61 minutes was the shortest slasher movie, Drive-In Massacre as it was the TV edit.

18 of the films were produced by the USA, which was easily the most prolific region.

Of the remaining productions 7 were co financed by various different countries.

6 of those co productions were also part financed by the USA.

The remaining countries of origin are as follows...

2 from Italy
1 from Ireland
1 from UK
1 from Hong Kong
1 from Canada
1 co production from UK & Australia

3 of the movies featured special make up and effects by Tom Savini.

Now for a few fun spoiler free grizzly halloween stats...

10 of the Killers from the 31 slasher movies wore masks.

18 of the 31 films I could find approximate bodycounts for...

163 victims

Of which,

80 were male victims

83 were female

20 ft square is the average size of a grave

Which means the combined carnage of these movies is...

3260 square feet of graves

3 hours was the average time to dig a grave by hand

Which means it would take...

489 hours to dig their graves or over 20 full days.

432 callories per hour digging holes which would mean...

211248 callories would be burnt in total.

Which is equal to...

6213 bags of treat size Haribo. (A heck of a lot of doors to knock on next Halloween.)

2, the number of thumbs of the guy who wrote this that enjoys slasher movies! (Points to self with thumbs)

Until next year slashfans...

Monday 31 October 2016

Limited Edition Mountaintop Motel Massacre...

88 Films have knocked it out of the park on this one. A highly sort after classic slasher that I'm pretty much gagging to see and it's available for preorder right now. Not to mention it's being remastered in 2k.

88 Film shop - Mountaintop Motel Massacre Limited Edition Blu-ray

Thursday 28 July 2016

When A Stranger Calls remake makes it to BD...

When A Stranger Calls is coming to Blu-Ray finally. The film is being included in a three film set that also includes fellow slashers I Know What You Did Last Summer and Vacancy. The release apears US only at this stage. Hopefully region free though. I've wanted to see this one for a while and finally I'll get my chance.

I'm actually not a huge fan of the original When A Stranger Calls. With the exception of the infamous first twenty nerve shredding minutes. Hopefully as an overall film the remake will deliver.

Friday 18 March 2016

Scarecrows from 88 Films...

The good people at 88 Films from the UK unleashed this epic announcement...
'Friday Announcement Part #1
When it comes to terror they're in a field of their own!
For this Friday's announcement (#4) we're adding to our slasher range! lost track of which number we are at now but seeing as nightmares in a damaged brain is almost impossible to get hold of we will stick it in at number 12 for the time being! ( btw Nightmares is available from our website FULLY UNCUT still http://88-films.myshopify.com/…/nightmare-in-a-damaged-brai…)
anyway... OUT JULY (*probably)
SCARECROWS (1988) Five criminals find themselves parachuting, with their "ill-gotten goods" into an abandoned cemetary. But this bone-yard is guarded by some nasty scarecrows, and they aren't made of straw.
Can't decide which cover to use and which one to use as the reverse?
*also available on DVD, VHS and 16mm'

That's a score for me as I never got round to importing the Scream Factory release. In case you are wondering the other half of todays announcement was Chuck Norris action epic Invasion U.S.A which is no doubt a can't miss release in it's own right but doesn't fit the criteria of slasher clssic in the slightest.

Friday 11 March 2016

Rocktober Blood & Rocktober Blood 2 Indiegogo...

Very exiting news. The fine people that brought you the classic Rocktober Blood have announced plans to launch an Indiegogo Campaign to crowd fund a sequel entitled Rocktober Blood 2 Billy's Revenge. One of the available perks includes a a Blu-ray of the original classic slasher. The Indiegogo campaign has not gone live yet but the Blu-ray is available to order in the mean time at


Could be very interesting times if this is successful. Hopefully people get behind the RB2 project because the more slashers the merrier. I will post the Indiegogo info once it goes live.

Thursday 14 January 2016

The Forest is coming from Code Red...

Great news to kick off the new year. Classic back woods slasher The Forest has been announced for blu-ray with a new HD master. Coming from cult US indie label Code Red.

Chuffed to bits for this one. I've wanted to see it for years.

Thursday 8 October 2015

Cherry Falls is coming to BD...

Super news from the awesome people at the US's premier horror label Scream Factory. Post modern slasher classic Cherry Falls is coming to Blu-ray next year! Whilst it's not an entirely successful I've always had a soft spot for this bad boy. It's not up there with the best of that era but its a interesting slice of the genre that had a well known troubled production. Hopefully Scream Factory go into all the gory details of its production in some loaded special features. I'm very psyched for it despite the  bad news that accompanies the announcement...

Scream Factory Announcement..


You asked for it, we listened! The underrated 2000 slasher flick CHERRY FALLS will be coming to Blu-ray for the first time sometime next Spring. Stars include Brittany Murphy (Clueless, 8 Mile), Jay Mohr (Pay it Forward, Street Kings) , Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens), Jesse Bradford (Bring it On, Swimfan) and Gabriel Mann (Revenge).

As excited as we are to be able to bring this to you (finally) we do need to address upfront the question we know some of you will have: Will it be uncut?

We were fully aware that the film suffered trims from the MPAA prior to its release so when we acquired the film we hoped that we could find the additional footage and include it—either as deleted scenes or reinstated into the film. Unfortunately, our licensor (Universal) only has the theatrical R-rated version in their vault (the same cut that was released on the long out-of-print DVD) and they do not have cut footage in question.

Plan B: We contacted the film’s Director Geoffrey Wright to see if maybe he might have the excised material but were told that he was never given a chance to assemble a longer cut originally. He did not have the footage either.

That being said, we still hope that fans will support the release in High-def. Extras are planned and will be announced at a later date. New key art is also in the works too.'

Soooo it looks like we won't be getting the much talked about/rumored original cut of the film. Which is a shame but if it can't be done it can't be done. I for one will be getting this day one either way. Hopefully they go into details in the extras.